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Our Typical Client

Our typical client is an individual, couple, or family that is looking for the following services:

1)     Development of a retirement plan:  Whether the retirement is distant, near, or you are already retired, plans are centered around current and projected retirement income needs and adjusted for inflation.

2)     Investment Management:  A current portfolio analysis, including  a review of company provided pension and other benefit plans such as defined contribution plans (e.g. 401(k) & 403(b)), defined benefit plans, deferred compensation, stock purchase, stock option grants, and restricted stock.  Design of an asset allocation strategy with periodic investment portfolio reviews.  Strategies for investment savings and tax efficiency.

3)     Estate Planning:  Assist with designing an estate plan to help meet your needs, reduce taxes and preserve assets for your family or charities according to your wishes. We work with your attorney, accountant, insurance agent, and others to put your plan into effect.

Our typical client is serious about planning for their financial future.  They are looking to work with a firm on a long-term basis contingent upon expectations.